ZX Spectrum128 Service Manual of Internal Circuitry System Configuration

ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit personal computer which was manufactured by Sinclair Research Ltd. in 1982. This device had Sinclair BASIC operation system and integrated with Z80 CPU which runs @3.5MHz which was very amazing. Sinclair developed the ZX Spectrum 128 with 128kB RAM, three channel audio, RS-232 serial port, RGB monitor port, an external keypad. Since it is a vintage personal computer, sometimes it requires maintenance and reparation to keep the excellent performance of this device. Here we have ZX Spectrum128 service manual which consists of internal circuit system of this device. ZX Spectrum128 service manual provides optimal guidance during the maintenance process with serial parts information. ZX Spectrum128 service manual is consisting of joysticks, keypad, audio, cassette pcb, peritel RGB, RS232 serial port, HTC 273, drive O, drive 1, etc. This service manual is very useful during the maintenance process to avoid wrong components positioning which leads to electronic system malfunction.

see ZX Spectrum128 Circuit Diagram here

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