Yamaha XJ900 Wiring Diagram of Internal Electrical Components

This is Yamaha XJ900 sport class motorcycle which is designed to provide excellent riding performance with powerful engine specification. This sport motorcycle is equipped with 853cc, 4-stroke, and 4 cylinder engine which bring optimal satisfaction during its application. XJ900 has internal electrical system which potentially damaged caused by heavy duty motorcycle application, thus we should know how to prevent this problem immediately. Here is information on Yamaha XJ900 wiring diagram which describes the internal electrical system of this motorcycle with components positioning explanation. Yamaha XJ900 wiring diagram describes internal electrical components completely added with voltage direction from the battery connected to all components through wires. This wiring diagram also describes cables color code information on separated box to provide optimal guidance during reparation process. Yamaha XJ900 wiring diagram is consisting of main switch, handle bar switch, lights switch, engine stop switch, start switch, front brake switch, fuel sender, fuse box, diode, battery, starter relay, starter motor, ignition coil, igniter, pick-up coil, neutral switch, flasher relay, A.C generator, oil level switch, clutch switch, etc. This wiring diagram is fixed, any modification on the electric configuration may cause electrical system malfunction.

see Yamaha XJ900 Wiring Diagram here

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