Yamaha DT125 Wiring Diagram of the Internal Electrical System

This is 1977 Yamaha DT125 motorcycle which is designed for endure or off-road application. This motorcycle is equipped with 123cc, single cylinder, two stroke engine to provide 10hp@6800rpm power output. DT 125 is claimed to have 110 km/h top speed performance and brings exceptional acceleration performance with its 5-speed manual transmission system. Here we have Yamaha DT125 wiring diagram which explains the internal electrical components of the motorcycle with complete information on parts positioning. Yamaha DT125 wiring diagram is also completed cable color coding information to provide reliable technical data and to avoid electrical failure during maintenance process. This wiring diagram is presented with easy readability electric configuration with comprehensive image description. Yamaha DT125 wiring diagram is consisting of headlamp, flasher relay, neutral lamp, rear flasher lamp, main switch, horn, high beam indicator, meter lamp, kill switch, neutral switch, flywheel magneto, tail lamp, rear brake stop switch, front brake stop switch, flasher, battery, fuse and ignition coil.

see Yamaha DT125 Wiring Diagram here

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