Wiring Schematic of Viair 450C Continuous Duty Cycle Compressor

This is Viair 450C continuous duty cycle compressor rated at 150 PSI and able to create powerful foundation and utilizes the pneumatic tools they want. The 450C features fast fill rates suitable for 2.5 and 5.0 gallon tanks, with a gearless direct drive permanent magnetic motor. It is also integrated with heavy duty PTFE piston ring and precision and high speed durable bearings for increased piston and motor life. This product is completed with thermal overload protector that automatically shut down the unit on overheating problem that is very innovative. Here is Viair continuous duty cycle compressor wiring schematic that consists of air compressor, drain cock, compressor leader hose, female tee, male tee, positive lead wire, 1.4” compression fitting, ¼” quick connect coupler, etc.

see the Viair continuous duty cycle compressor wiring schematic here

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