Wiring Diagram of Volvo PV444

The PV444 was Volvo’s first uni-body car. It was also the first Volvo in almost 20 years to come with a 4-cylinder engine. This car was powered by 1.4L-1.6L B4B//B16B 14OHV engine which was able to produce 40HP power output. Volvo P444 was designed using 2-door hatchback body style and equipped with 3-speed manual transmission. Here is the wiring diagram of Volvo P444 that consists of left-hand head lamp, right hand headlamp, left-hand blinker and parking lamp, right-hand blinker and parking lamp, relay, horns, distributor, ignition coil, fog lights, generator, battery, starter motor, foot dipper switch, connector, light switch, door contact, switch and roof lamp, horn button, charging relay, rheostat switches, cigarette lighter, headlamp warning lamp, flasher unit, identification sleeves, directional signal switch, etc.

see the wiring diagram of Volvo P444 here

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