Wiring Diagram of ViewSonic PT813 21 inch CRT monitor

Manufactured by ViewSonic, PT813 21 inch CRT monitor is truly designed to create functionality and high quality image/graphic display during its application. PT813 21 inch screen monitor is integrated with SonicTron aperture grille technology to create high resolution image display of 1600 x 1200, at 85Hz refresh, and 1280 x 1024m at 100Hz refresh which is amazing. It is also supported with Super Contrast screen incorporates glass with lower transmission rates to provide bright, bold color production especially it also integrated with anti-reflection, anti-glare multi layer screen. Here is the wiring diagram of ViewSonic PT813 21 inch CRT monitor that consists of Video Pre Mixer, Sync Process, D-sub or BNC Signal Connector, Sub Power Supply, USB CN Board, Video Output Amp, Front Key Switch, Switch Board, Power Supply Block, Horizontal Vertical Deflection Block, DA Converter, Interface Board, Horizontal Size, Drive BoardSync Processing Circuit, Carbon Film Resistor, Resistor, Film Proof Carbon Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, Metal Glaze Resistor, Surface, Mount Resistor, etc.

see the wiring diagram of ViewSonic PT813 21 inch CRT monitor here

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