Wiring Diagram of Splitdorf Solid State Voltage Regulator Magneto

Manufactured by Splitdorf, the “E” series high tension magnetos were built for a variety of motorcycle configurations; single cylinder (EU), V-twins in 42, 45 and 50 degrees (EV), 180 degree twin (E2), and four cylinders (EU4). The construction of these magnetos includes an aluminum base to which the pole pieces are secured, and between which revolves and armature on two annular ball bearings. A pair of tungsten steel magnets straddles the pole pieces. These are covered by a ribbed aluminum cover that is designed to keep out dust and dirt. Here is the wiring diagram of Splitdorf Magneto that consists of battery, safety spark cap, ground, top, coil, box, bottom, internal coil, switch, box wiring, points, ground, armature, etc.

see the wiring diagram of Splitdorf Magneto here

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