Wiring Diagram of Polar Mate Compact System Marine Rerigerator

The Polar mate is manufactured by Gunert to provide 12 or 24 VDC marine refrigeration in a compact system. This product is truly dedicated for day sailing application and designed for restricted areas aboard any vessel suitability. This product is manufactured using high quality components to create excellent performance during its application. It is integrated with hermetically sealed compressor to provide quiet efficient operation and all chassis components are painted with marine grade polyutherane to create optimal corrosion prevention. Polar mate is well constructed in spiral fused cupronickel encased in copper shell to create superior durability and maximum heat transfer that is spectacular. Here is Polar Mate wiring diagram that consists of relay, control module, fan, thermostat, terminal strip, pump on/off switch, volts DC, optional spill over fan kit, refrigerator thermostat, pump, circuit breaker.

see the Polar Mate compact system refrigerator wiring diagram here

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