Wiring Diagram of Pocket Rocket Electric Powered Real Racing Pocket Bike Replica

This is Pocket Rocket European inspired electric powered replica of a real racing pocket bike that is manufactured by Razor. Pocket Rocket is integrated with high torque-powerful fan that is able to create top speed up to 15 mph, and is very spectacular. Supported with twist-grip acceleration motor this product provides excellent riding experience, especially it is completed with large 10” pneumatic tires for smooth ride. Pocket Rocket equipped with hand-operated rear brake to provide easy application and allows 30 minutes of continuous use. Here is the wiring diagram of Pocket Rocket that consists of motor connector, power connector, charger connector, motor, handle brake, throttle connector, handle brake connector, circuit braker, on/off switch, battery, throttle, twist, connector, etc.

see the wiring diagram of Pocket Rocket here

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