Wiring Diagram of Olympus C-800L Digital Camera

This is Olympus C-800L digital camera with compact size and excellent quality to create optimal picture production. This digital camera is able to display 1024 x 768 pixels image resolution and supported by some beneficial features to help the photography activity. The C-800L includes many of the features found on conventional cameras – built-in flash, self-timer, auto-focus with 36mm lens equivalent to bring fairly wide-angle shot with some distortion. The camera can take images in two modes: High Quality (1024 by 768 pixels) or Standard Quality (512 by 384 pixels) and up to 120 Standard or 30 High Quality images can be stored on the 6Mb flashcard. Here is the wiring diagram of Olympus C-800L digital camera that consists of LCD Controller, JPEG, Encoder, CPU, USB, UART, JTAG, PIO, Y-C MIX, Video Driver, DC JACK, DC-DC Converter, LCD, CPU8bit, Flash, Capacitor, Screw, categorical PCB, reflector, 16Mbit Flash, LENS, 74AC273, CDS AGC, 2048 1536 IS-CCD, DC JACK, 128Mbit SDRAM1, SDRAM Controller, SRAM Controller, SSGG//TTG, CLK GEN, SYSTEM ASIC, Signal Processor, JPEG Controller, AF/AE.AWB Integrator, etc.

Here you can see the wiring diagram of Olympus C-800L digital camera

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