Wiring Diagram of Honda C70 Super Cub 72cc

The Honda C70 was a 72cc version of the Honda Super Cub as the successor of 63cc Honda C65 in 1970. This motorcycle was equipped with 72cc air cooled single overhead cam engine that is able to produce 4.4 cu in and supported with semi automatic 3-speed gearbox to bring 40 mph (65km/h) on its application. This underbone class-motorcycle was very popular in Europe market and Asia because of its unique design and reliability especially with its 6 v electrics; in 1982, 12 v electrics and CDI ignition that were introduced to improve the maintenance-free reliability of the engine. Here is the wiring diagram of Honda C70 72cc that consists of fuse, winker relay, stop switch, selenium rectrifier, neutral pilot lamp, speedometer lamp, turn signal switch, r.front turn signal light, r.rear turn signal light, headlight, tail & stop light, l.front turn signal, l.rear turn signal, A.C. ignition switch, spark plug, A.C. generator, neutral switch, resistance, horn, head light beam selector, etc.

see the wiring diagram of Honda C70 72cc here

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