Wiring Diagram of Aston Martin DB3S

This is Aston Martin DB3 racing car that was built in the 1950s and powered by 133 hp (99 kW) 2.6 L Lagonda straight-6 engine from the DB2 Vantage. The next generation of DB3 comes with bigger engine capacity the 2.9 L engine, and able to 163 hp (122 kW). DB3 was designed with twin-tubular, aluminum body two seated chassis and integrated with S527, 5-speed manual transmission, S430/63R, 4-speed manual 9” single clutch. Here you can see the wiring diagram of Aston Martin DB3S that consists of side lamp, head lamp, horn, horn relay, battery, master switch, starter, solenoid starter switch, dual petrol pump, coil, distributor, fog lamp switch, ignition warning light, ammeter, lighting switch, stop and tail light, number plate light, starter button, and stop lamp switch.

see the wiring diagram of Aston Martin DB3S here

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