Wiring Diagram of 1971 Honda CB 175

CB 175 was firstly produced by Honda in 1971 and equipped with 174ccm twin cylinder-two stroke engine that was able to produce 20.00 HP (14.6 kW) @ 1000 RPM power output and 130.0km/h top speed. Supported with 5-speed manual transmission and chain transmission type this bike was very popular during the 1970s and massively used by motorcycle fans. Here is the wiring diagram of 1971 CB 175 that consists of starter button/ lighting dimmer switch, winker relay, lighting dimmer switch, selenium rectifier, high beam pilot lamp, headlight, neutral pilot lamp, tachometer lamp, turn signal pilot lamp, speedometer lamp, front stop switch, contact breaker, ignition switch, horn button turn signal switch, battery cable, stop switch, starter magnetic, earth cable, ignition coil, fuse, starting motor, neutral switch, spark plug motor, A.C generator, starter magnetic switch, etc.

see the wiring diagram of 1971 CB 175 here

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