Wiring Diagram of 1967 Plymouth Belvedere Muscle Car

Plymouth muscle car was very famous on worldwide because of its performance and artistic design that was admirable. This one is Plymouth 1967 Belvedere that was truly designed to create pride and satisfaction on driving experience with excellent engine performance. This car was equipped with 375-bhp 440-cid V8 engine to create higher torque performance with a revised camshaft and valve train-free flowing intake and exhaust system. It was also completed with larger ring gear, double breaker distribution, six-leaf rear spring, and torsion bar to provide excellent handling performance and smooth driving experience. Here is the wiring diagram of 1967 Plymouth Belvedere that consists of front door switch, beam selector switch, gas gauge, l.backup light, tail light, stop light and directional signal, license light, trunk lt. and switch, emergency flasher switch, directional signal switch connector, windshield wiper switch, light switch, ignition switch, console connector, clock, heater switch, cigar lighter,etc.

see the wiring diagram of 1967 Plymouth Belvedere here

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