Wiring Diagram Mazda B6T Engine Electrical Scheme

This is Mazda B6T engine wiring diagram. this b6T engine wiring diagram consist of ignition system, cooling fan system, and engine and fuel control system.The turbocharged, fuel-injected and intercooled 16 valve DOHC version of the B6 engine which was released in 1985 and used in numerous models worldwide. Commonly found on a All-Wheel-Drive Drivetrain but Front-Wheel-Drive models were also avaliable. Power and torque outputs vary across markets due to emission and fuel standards but the JDM version of the B6T was the most powerful, producing 147hp (110kw) and 137ft-lbf (186 N-m).The numerous models worldwide including the 323 GT-X, 1985-1989 Mazda Familia GT-X/GT, 1985-1989 Ford Laser TX3 turbo, and later Mercury Capri’s. Full Mazda B6T engine wiring diagram here.

Mazda B6T engine electrical wiring diagram

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