Wiring Diagram 1986 Toyota Engine 22RTE/RE EFI System

At 1985, Toyota updated the 22RE and RTE engine to use a digital EFI system. The 22R-TE (and 22RE) EFI system consists of the following parts: air flow meter (AFM), temperature sensors, throttle position sensor (TPS), oxygen sensor, fuel injectors, fuel pressure, electronic control unit (ECU). So for you who have Toyota car such as 1986 4X4 standard cab pickup or car with Toyota 22RTE/RE EFI engine system, you must have this wiring diagram to do great restoration project. Here 1986 Toyota Engine 22RTE/RE EFI wiring diagram system number 1, engine wiring number 2, engine wiring number 3.

22RTE/RE EFI system toyota engine wiring diagram


  1. waseem khan says

    i have searched for 1g-fe ecu pinoutsbut i cannt foud it.plz tell me how can i find this (1g-fe)ecu pinouts.i m waiting for ur ans.

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