Western Electric-43 Schematic Diagram of Internal Components Connection

This is 43 single stage power amplifier which was manufactured by Western Electric with input and output impedance of 500?. This device was designed with output capacity of 33db, with two in parallel of 36 db. Sometimes it is difficult to find perfect electrical configuration of this device that can be very useful during maintenance process. Here we have solution on western electric-43 schematic diagram which consisting of the internal circuit system of this device such as input trans, output trans, 24-ak cond., 38-a resistor, 307 b transistor, fil. plate, front cover switch, 307 a transistor, back cover switches, 137a rectifier coil, back segment, front segment, etc. Western electric-43 schematic diagram is also describing the voltage direction from one component to others through wires. It is also added with fil. Plate switch position information to avoid electrical configuration mistake which may lead to electrical problem and system malfunction.

see Western Electric-43 Schematic Diagram here

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