Volvo 860 Wiring Diagram of the Engine Cooling Fan System

This is Volvo 850 compact executive car which is manufactured by Volvo using optional 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon. This car is equipped with 2.3L I5 engine to produce 222hp power output and creates excellent driving performance. Moreover it is also integrated with 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission for optimal acceleration performance. Here we have Volvo 850 wiring diagram of the engine cooling fan system which explains the internal components positioning and the connection of them. Volvo 850 wiring diagram describes cable color coding in alphabetical symbols to avoid electrical configuration failure during the cooling fan system maintenance process. This wiring diagram is consisting of fusible link, engine cooling fan relay, engine cooling fan, engine control module, ignition system control module, etc. Volvo 850 wiring diagram shows clear explanation on voltage direction from engine cooling fan relay to other components through wires. It is important to the technician to notice that this configuration is fixed and any modification on parts positioning is not recommended.

see Volvo 860 Wiring Diagram here

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