Volvo 240DL/GL 1985 Cruise Control Wiring Diagrams and Complete List

wiring diagrams 1985 volvo 240

This 240 Volvo 1985 include classic car, but still awesome to ride. Not only cruise control wiring diagram you’ll find in this pdf file, but also other part of Volvo 240 wiring diagrams. For cruise control, wiring diagrams key attached in the image. You’ll be easier to determine where is control unit, pick-up (speed sensor), servo unit, retardation breaker, etc. Another wiring diagrams are Power Window Circuit, Charging Circuit, Starting Circuit, Front Washer/Wiper Circuit, Trunk, Tailgate, Fuel Door Circuits, Rear Washer/Wiper W/ Intermittent Relay Circuit, Horn Circuit, Cooling Fan Circuit, Rear Defogger Circuit, Power Door Lock Circuit, Power Antenna Circuit, Driver’s Heated Seat Circuit, Power Mirror Circuit, Radio Circuits, Headlight Washer/Wiper Circuit, Rear Washer/Wiper W/O Intermittent Relay Circuit, Engine Compartment, Fuse Block & Underdash, Rear Compartment & Accessories, Instrument Panel & Underdash wiring diagrams.Full wiring here.

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