VGA Switch Schematic Diagram for Electronic DIY Project

This is VGA switch schematic diagram which is designed as technical aid during VGA switch DIY process or installation process. This project is aimed to switch a VGA signal on and off very fast and at the same time it measures a response time. Its purpose is to measure the response time very precisely during SART (Sustained Attention to Response Test). Here is VGA switch schematic diagram which designed to provide excellent guidance on this project and provides exact components positioning to prevent electrical malfunction. This VGA switch schematic is presented with colored electrical configuration completed with voltage capacity required by the components. The red ink indicated components position, the green lines shows signal direction and the connection of each component. VGA switch schematic diagram is consisting of VGA outputs, one switchable via RS-232, response buttons inputs, marker output, event output, serial port, PIC18F4620-IP, power supply, etc. It is important to notice that this configuration is fixed, any modification on the electrical configuration is not recommended.

see VGA Switch Schematic Diagram here

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