Vespa P200E Scooter Wiring Diagram Electric

wiring diagram Vespa P200E scooter wire schematic

Following is wiring diagram for scooter, Vespa P200E. The Vespa P200E scooter describe here is for model year 1977-1980 and some of year 1981. The wire diagram is colorful and there is explanation of wire used describe in colors. For example, black wire is for Common Ground for all circuits. This Piaggio Vespa motor scooter wiring diagram can be tool for your scooter restoration project. The P200E is Vespa’s most powerful, largest and most available / affordable model you’ll encounter today. This scooter is reliable, sturdy, cheap to run & maintain, a classic. It has all the character and style The wires connection begin from horn, Headlamp 12V 30/30 watts, Key switch, Front brake switch, Turn signal indicator 12V 2W, High beam indicator 12V 2W, Neutral indicator 12V 3W, Speedo lamp 12V 3W, Turn & engine kill switch, Headlamp & horn switch, Left-front turn lamp 12V 21W, Right-front turn lamp, Clamp board (terminal strip), Rear brake switch and more. Full Vespa wiring diagram here.

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