Traynor YVM-3 Schematic Diagram of Internal Circuitry System

Electronic device such as tape recorder or sound amplifier are designed to bring optimal audio-entertainment system which can be enjoyed by everyone. Traynor YVM-3 voice mate PA head is an example of electronic audio system which is equipped with 4 channel pa head and ΒΌ inch input jacks. This device provides excellent tone and strong volume production during the performance. Here is Traynor YVM-3 schematic diagram which dedicated to create excellent guidance during the maintenance process. This schematic diagram describes the internal circuit system of the device with voltage capacity required by each component. It is also completed with additional information on the capacitors and resistors used in the configuration complete with serial parts to avoid electrical problems. Traynor YVM-3 schematic diagram also describes voltage direction from one component to another which can be very helpful during reparation process. It is important to notice that this electrical configuration is fixed any modification on parts positioning may cause electrical system malfunction.

see Traynor YVM-3 Schematic Diagram here

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