Toyota Tercel the Fifth Generation Headlight Control Relay Circuit Diagram

This is the fifth generation of Toyota Tercel that was produced during 1995-2000 by Toyota, Japan. Toyota Tercel was designed with optional 2-door coupe, 3-door hatchback, and 4-door sedan body style with new-stiffer body design rather than the previous version. This car was equipped with 1.3 L 4-FEI4-1.5L 5FE I4 and 1.5 L 1N-T- turbodiesel I4 engine that was able to produce 66hp @4700 RPM and max torque @2600RPM. Toyota Tercel was supported with 3 or 4 speed manual transmission and 3-4 speed automatic transmission to create excellent acceleration performance during its application. Here is the Toyota Tercel headlight control relay circuit diagram that consists of engine room relay block, headlight control relay, theft deterrent ECU, light control switch, headlight, headlight LH, headlight RH, etc.

see Toyota Tercel headlight control relay circuit diagram here

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