Toyota Highlander Wiring Diagram of Engine Electrical System

This is 2005 Toyota Highlander mid-size crossover which designed with 5-door wagon body style and equipped with 3.3L v6 engine to create 225hp power output. This SUV is completed with optional 4 speed or 5 speed automatic transmission with excellent acceleration performance. For the Toyota Highlander owners this information may be very useful during engine maintenance process to provide excellent guidance to avoid electrical problem on the engine system. This is Toyota Highlander wiring diagram which describes the internal components of vehicle engine system with clear parts positioning and cable color information in alphabetical symbols. The whole engine system components are powered by battery power source which is channeled through wires. Toyota Highlander wiring diagram is consisting of battery, FL main, FL block assy, engine room J/B, instrument panel J/B, theft warning ECU assy, combination meter, air conditioner amplifier assy, etc. The electrical configuration of Toyota Highlander should be based on this wiring diagram to avoid electrical system malfunction of the vehicle.

see 2005 Toyota Highlander engine electrical system wiring diagram here

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