TLC5941 LED Driver Automotive Application Datasheet

led driver automotive resistor semiconductor

This is semi conductor for LED driver. It can be uses for automotive application. It uses for application such as Monocolor, Multicolor, Full-Color LED Displays, LED Signboards, Display Back-Lighting. The TLC5941 is a 16-channel, constant-current sink, LED driver. Each channel has an individually adjustable 4096-step grayscale PWM brightness control and a 64-step constant-current sink (dot correction). The dot correction adjusts the brightness variations between LED channels and other LED drivers. Both grayscale control and dot correction are accessible via a serial interface. A single external resistor sets the maximum current value of all 16 channels. The TLC5941 features two error information circuits. The LED open detection (LOD) indicates a broken or disconnected LED at an output terminal. The thermal error flag (TEF) indicates an over temperature condition. More datasheet information here.

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