Titanic Wireless Radio Schematic of the Internal Radio Components Connections

This is Titanic wireless radio schematic which uses 1 ½ kw Marconi Converter set during the ship’s communication activity. This schematic diagram is consisting of internal electrical system of the Marconi wireless communication system with complete parts positioning. Titanic wireless radio schematic is completed with voltage direction information from one component to others. This schematic diagram is consisting of switchboard, shortwave condenser, leading in insulator, safety switch, earth arrester, guard lamps, starter, main switch, charging switch board, D.C. meter, aerial tuning, emergency key, phone condenser, head telephones, single magnetic key, field regulator, accumulators, main condenser, magnetic condenser, etc. Titanic wireless radio schematic is also describes additional information on the critical components used in the diagram in alphabetical symbol written on the separated parts. This schematic diagram is presented with clear image description to bring excellent clarity and simple readability configuration.

see Titanic Wireless Radio Schematic here

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