The Wiring Diagram and Circuit Schematic for Isuzu ELF N-Series’s Starting System

This light-duty truck has been used in many commercial/industrial projects to provide functionality and optimal performance. Manufactured by Izusu, ELF N-series is known in industrial world for its great diesel engine performance and its durability in any terrain. Isuzu ELF has been produced in 1959-2011 with many evolutions on its design or engine. This truck comes in 4WD and 2WD with 4-6 wheels design very ideal for industrial use. ELF is integrated with Jatco JR403E 4 Speed auto and Aisin AW450-43LE 4-speed auto, but ELF has the gas engine version that is supported with GM Hydramatic 4L80-E 4 speed auto with 5/6 manual speed. Here is the wiring diagram and circuit schematic for Isuzu ELF N-Series’s Starting System that consists of starter, battery, relay starter, inhibitor switch, magnetic switch, shift lever, ring gear and pinion clutch, motor shaft, armature.

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