The Circuit Diagram/PCB Layout of Sony KP-43HT20 Rear Projection HDTV Monitor

Manufactured by Sony, KP-43HT20 rear projection HDTV monitor is equipped with high technology features to create optimal satisfaction on home entertainment experience. This HDTV is integrated with 3-line digital comb filter with 16:9 aspect ratio and 3:2 pull down processing to provide extra sharp picture quality with superior clarity that is very spectacular. It is also integrated with Trusurround sound and 20-watt-dynamic acoustic chamber (DAC)speaker system that bring the ultimate audio performance and 3D audio effect for smooth theaterlike experience at home. Here is the circuit diagram/pcb layout of Sony LCD tv 43HT20 that consists of Projection TV Front Panel, Rear of Projection TV, Cable, Antenna, VCR, Video, Monitor Out, AV Receiver, Camcorder, Digital TV Receiver, A/V, Connectors, DVD Player, Video Connectors, Audio Receiver, Cable Box, Basic, Connector, Connecting Cable or Antenna, DRC Process, Multi Image Driver.

see the circuit diagram of Sony KPH-43HT20 here

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