Honda CD125S Wiring Diagram Vintage Motorcycle

Honda CD125s wiring diagram vintage motorbike

Do you have this vintage motorcycle Honda CD125S? If so, we have pictorial of Honda CD125S wiring diagram. We hope this Honda CD125S wiring diagram become useful device to diagnosis your Honda CD125S electrical common problem, and or for restoration project purpose, or change the parts with aftermarket parts. Included in this Honda CD125S wiring [...]

YFM660FP Wiring Diagram Yamaha Grizzly 660 ATV

wiring diagram Yamaha Grizzly 660 YFM660FP

Here is wiring diagram Yamaha Grizzly 660 for your convenience. Because all we know, effective electrical check for daily maintenance or modification (like adding snowblade) is by looking at the wiring diagram. By looking at this wiring diagram Yamaha Grizzly 660 ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) motorcycle, you will see the whole electrical circuit diagram of [...]

Yamaha XS500E Wiring Diagram Schematic

Yamaha XS500 wiring diagram schematic

Here is one of café racer style made by Yamaha, Yamaha XS500E. If you want to make a restoration project of this Yamaha XS500E, beside component part, you will need Yamaha XS500E wiring diagram. For other autopart components, such as the running gear and some of the electronics can be swapped with Yamaha XS650 model. [...]

Kawasaki KZ400 Wiring Diagram System Motorcycle

wiring diagram kz400 kawasaki 1975 electrical system

This is Kawasaki KZ400 wiring diagram model year 1975. This street motorcycle wiring diagram completed with left handlerbar switch connections, ignition switch connections, right handlebar switch connections, and of course the wires colors code. The wire connections show KZ400 motorcycle parts from front light, speedometer, neutral indicator light, AC generator, regulator, oil pressure switch, etc.

Ural Tourist Wiring Diagram 1995 Model

wiring diagram Ural Tourist 1995 electrical system

Here is the wiring diagram of Ural motorcycle, especially for 1995 Ural Tourist. This Ural motorcycle wiring diagram has coloring scheme and clear diagram keys, such as motorcycle head lamp, high-low bean headlight bulb, ignition lock, fuse plate, horn, distributor, spark plug, sidecar rear lamp, foot brake signal switch, traffic indicator bulb, speedometer illumination bulb, neutral gear indicator switch, and more clear description of this bike parts.

TZR125 Wiring Diagram Yamaha Sportbike

TZR125 wiring diagram Yamaha sportbikes

Here another Yamaha motorcycle wiring diagram. This is the wiring diagram of 125 cc sportbikes series from Yamaha, TZR125 2RK/3PC1. In this wiring diagram, component key separate with following color code. You’ll see wires connections from light switch, engine stop switch, front brake switch, CDI unit, CDI magneto, neutral switch, battery, fuse, rear flasher light, YPVS control unit, ignition control unit, SIDEstand switch, oil level gauge, flasher realy, rear brake switch, rectifier/regulator, servomotor, and so on.

Basic Honda 4 Cylinder Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

12volt honda basic wiring diagram electric motorcycle

This is basic old Honda motorcycle wiring diagram for 4 cylinder engine style. This is work, for example your Honda VFR. This 12 volt electric motorcycle wiring diagram begin from headlight to taillight. So wires connection between starter switch, dimmer switch, regulator, rectifier, alternator, key switch, cylinder and more. Interesting thing is, you can learn the R/R’s (regulator and rectifier combo device) of your Honda

Wiring Diagram Kawasaki KZ1000R for US and Canada Specs

us canada wiring diagram kawasaki kz1000r

The KZ1000R and its family is legendary motorbike, because its speed. This classic motorcycles usually use by police. As classic motorbike collection, you should have it. If you already have it, this KZ1000R Kawasaki motorcycle wiring diagram maybe helpful for any repair needed. This electric wiring diagram is for KZ100R United State and Canada specification. With electric schematic, you’ll be easier to do modification to this sportcruiser bike. Custom it as you likes it.

Engine Control Unit S60 Car and Motorcycle Wiring Diagram

ecu wiring diagram power engine connection

This is example ECU or Engine control unit wiring diagram for your car. In this example, S60 Ecu from DTA applied. This ECU car wiring diagrams need firmware V49.00 and higher. 30 Amp Fuse MUST be Fitted. The fuse is important thing in this ECU wiring diagram. The fuse protects the ECU in the case of severe errors in the wiring (12V to Sensor GND for instance). With it you cannot damage the ECU, without it you can. But, anyway, the choice is yours.

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