TA22 Celica 1972 18RGEU Engines Toyota Wiring Diagrams Conversion

TA22 is classic Celica car and now one of finest car for drift action. If you have this car with 18RGEU engine or thinking 18RGEU for restoration projects of your TA22 Celica, here is wiring diagrams for Celica with 18RGEU conversion. 18RGEU is R engine family from Toyota with twin cam twin cam (wide angle, 45 degrees or more between the intake and exhaust valves, fuel injection, and emission package (Japan). This TA22 wiring diagrams explain the wiring from its ECU to engine sensors, ignition, light both interior lights and exterior lights, brake warning, cooler application. And the exciting, this wiring diagram is colorful. So…lets see the TA22 celica wiring diagram here.

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