System Block Diagram of Apple Powerbook G4 A1107 Notebook

Powerbook G4 A1107 Notebook is designed by Apple with excellent specifications to provide excellent performance on computing activity. This device is powered by PowerPC 7447 processor which runs @1.67GHz with internal HDD media storage system of 100GB and runs for up to 5400rpm. These features are still added by ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphic card to bring exceptional graphic display on movie experience. Here we have System block diagram of Apple Powerbook G4 A 1107 notebook which describes the components inside the notebook and the connection of them. This system block diagram is consisting of U44 intrepid, Apollo CPU, Ethernet connector, Ethernet phy, battery connector, power supply and charger, LMU, PMU, trackpad connector, TI cardbus controller, boot rom, USB 2.0 controller, fire wire PHY, 2:1 DDR muxes, inverter connector, LCD panel connector, s-video connector, DV-I connector, airport connector, etc. This system block diagram is also completed with signal direction from GPU directed to all components through wires.
see System Block Diagram here

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