Suzuki TS125 Wiring Diagram with Voltage Capacity Information

Motorcycle is always interesting to discuss because there are so many new designs and engine specifications developed by Motorcycle Manufacturers. This one is the example of motorcycle which has excellent engine performance for wide range capability for heavy to medium terrain condition. Suzuki TS125 is a trail motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki with 125cc, single cylinder, two-stroke, engine specification and is able to produce 6.90HP@ 7000rpm. Here is Suzuki TS125 wiring diagram which is dedicated to bring excellent guidance during maintenance process. This wiring diagram describes components positioning complete with cable color coding information. Suzuki TS125 wiring diagram also explains the voltage capacity requires by each component with additional on electrical switches system of this vehicle. Suzuki TS125 wiring diagram is consisting of ignition switch, silicon rectifier, battery, turn signal relay, horn, front brake lamp switch, right front turn signal lamp, tachometer lamp, high beam indicator lamp, head lamp, speedometer lamp, neutral indicator lamp, ignition coil, spark plug, handle switch, contact breaker, voltage regulator, neutral indicator switch, alternator, rear brake lamp switch, etc. This wiring diagram is fixed any modification on the electrical configuration is not recommended.

see Suzuki TS125 Wiring Diagram here

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