Suzuki TL1000S Wiring Diagram of the Electrical System Information

This is 2001 Suzuki TL1000S a sport motorcycle which is designed by Suzuki with 996L V-2, four stroke engine to generate 125hp@8500rpm power output and 107Nm@7100rpm torque performance. Supported with liquid cooling system and 6-speed manual transmission this motorcycle is very ideal for heavy duty riding performance. Here we have Suzuki TL1000S wiring diagram of the internal electrical system information in black and white and black configuration. This wiring diagram describes cable connection and voltage direction information from one component to another. It is also completed with cable color coding information to provide reliable technical data and comprehensive guidance during the motorcycle’s electrical system maintenance. Suzuki TL1000S consists of generator, oil pressure switch, fuel pump relay, regulator, side stand relay, starter relay, battery, gear position switch, engine control module, ignition coils, front brake switch, dimmer switch, clutch lever position switch, engine coolant temperature sensor, dimmer switch, fan motor switch, etc. All the components on Suzuki TL1000S wiring diagram is powered by battery power source which are connected by wires.

see Suzuki TL1000S Wiring Diagram here

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