Suzuki Swift Schematic Diagram of the Wiper Motor System

1997 Suzuki Swift is a city car which designed with hatchback body style and equipped with 1.3L in-line 4 cylinder block. This vehicle is claimed to produce 70hp maximum power and 74 ft-lbs torque performance. Integrated with optional 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic, this vehicle offers comfortable driving experience around the city. Here we have Suzuki Swift schematic diagram of the wiper motor system with complete parts positioning information. This schematic diagram is also completed with cable color coding information written on alphabetical symbols to prevent electrical configuration failure during the maintenance. Voltage direction information is also provided by this Suzuki Swift schematic diagram to bring reliable technical data with simple readability configuration. It is consisting of intermitten controller, front wiper motor, front washer pump, junction/fuse block, combination switch, washer switch, etc. It is important to notice that Suzuki swift schematic diagram is fixed any modification on cable connection or parts positioning may cause electrical system malfunction.

see Suzuki Swift Schematic Diagra here

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