Sony Bravia Wiring Diagram for VCR-DVD Combo Unit Installation

Bravia is a high-definition LCD television which is designed by Sony to provide excellent image display for user’s satisfaction. This LCD TV comes in flat panel and elegant design which represents a modern electronic device. This LCD TV is very ideal to bring exceptional cinema entertainment experience with its high quality motion picture display. Some people are still confused to attach this Bravia LCD TV with DVD combo/ VCR player which is actually very simple. Here we have information on Sony Bravia wiring diagram which explains the installation guidance of this LCD TV with VCR-DVD combo unit. Sony Bravia wiring diagram is consisting of TV cable, splitter, HD cable box, Sony DVD/VCR combo, Sony TV with picture and picture. This wiring diagram shows the connection of each device, it can be seen that the splitter is connected to DVD/VCR combo using composite, and the DVD/VCR combo is connected to Sony LCD TV using HDMI 1.3 cable. The components connection described in Sony Bravia wiring diagram is fixed, it is important that each device is correctly connected to provide optimal TV performance.

see Sony Bravia wiring diagram here

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