Slot Car Simple Circuit Break Lights

To improve your slot car toy appearance, you can add break light. Here is the electric schematic diagram for the addition. Thing you have to remember, make sure the capacitor voltage is greater than the track voltage. When the controller VR1 supplies power from V1 to motor M1 capacitor C1 is charged through resistor R1 and diode D1. Once the controller is released and (optionally) the brake switch K1 (in the controller) is engaged the voltage across the motor drops. Once this voltage is sufficiently below the capacitor charged voltage the capacitor discharges through resistor R2 and LED’s D2 and D3. Thus the brake lights come on. Ready to modding your slot car, here the simple schematic circuit diagram.

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  1. It is “brake” lights not break.

  2. What are the values of diode D1 and lights D2 and D3?

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