Seck 18-8-2 Schematic Diagram In-Line Monitoring Multi-track Consoles

Seck 18-8-2 studio mixer is an electronic device that is usually used on musical application to produce excellent sound performance. Seck 18-8-2 comes in compact size with sophisticated technology to provide excellent performance. Seck 18-8-2 schematic diagram describes the internal parts of the device and the connection of each component including the parts name description. Seck 18-8-2 schematic diagram is consisting of monitor, level monitor panel, monitor echo, group assignment bank, monitor echo return, solo relay, monitor select, groups masters, track select, headphone, monitor L, monitor R, microphone, etc. Seck 18-8-2 schematic diagram also describes the signal direction and additional information on symbol used on the diagram to prevent electrical mistakes during maintenance process.
see Seck 18-8-2 studio mixer schematic diagram here

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