Scout 800B Circuit Diagram with Color Coding Information and Symbol Description

This is Scout 800B SUV that was manufactured by International Harvester on 1971 as the successor of Scout 800A. This car was equipped with 232 6 cylinder engine that was able to provide excellent performance for road/off road activity. Here is Scout 800B circuit diagram that shows the internal circuitry of the vehicle with parts positioning and voltage direction from battery to all components. The electrical system of this vehicle is powered by 12V battery as you can see on the diagram and is connected to all components through wires. Scout 800B circuit diagram also explains the color coding information completed with symbols description used in the diagram to bring simple readability and comprehensive guidance during the maintenance. Scout 800B circuit diagram is consisting of 12V battery, starting motor, horn relay, AC generator, ignition coil, temp sender, oil pressure, stop light switch, brake diff switch, horn button, fuel sender gauge, turn signal switch, heater motor, brake warning, heater switch, etc. This circuit diagram is dedicated to provide information which is necessary during reparation process.

see Scout 800B SUV circuit diagram here

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