Schematic Wiring Diagram of Yamaha YFM 350XP Warrior ATV

This is ATV (all terrain vehicle) that is manufactured by Yamaha since 1987-2011 that is ideal for off-road application. This ATV is powered by 350cc engine capacity with carburetor fuel control and supported with 2 front suspensions and mono-shock absorber on the rear suspension. Here is schematic wiring diagram of Yamaha YFM 350XP Raptor Warrior ATV that consists of AC magneto, Rectifier/regulator, Main switch, Fuse, Battery, Starter relay, Starter motor, Clutch switch, CDI unit, Ignition coil, Spark plug, Park switch, Neutral relay, Drive select lever switch, Neutral switch, Neutral indicator light, Reverse indicator light, Reverse switch, Rear brake light switch, Front brake light switch, Tail/brake light, Headlight, Handlebar switch (left), Lights switch, Engine stop switch, Start switch

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