Schematic Wiring Diagram of Super Deluxe Morris Mini 1000 (998cc) Electrical System

Mini Cooper is a small car that is manufactured by British Motor Corporation (BMC) since 1959-2000 and powered by 850-1275 cc I4 engine with optional 4-speed manual/automatic and 5-speed manual. In 1969, Mark III Mini was introduced in the market and completed with wind up windows with internal door hinges and larger rear windows. Here is the wiring diagram of Super Deluxe Morris Mini 1000 (998cc) electrical system that describes detail information on the interconnection of Morris 1000 electronic parts. This schematic wiring diagram consists of control box, battery, starter solenoid, lighting switch, headlamp, fuse block, fuel pump, alternator or dynamo, oil pressure switch, flasher unit, ignition coil, ignition starter, distributor, etc.

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