Schematic Wiring Diagram of Honda Integra4th Generation-Acura RSX

This is schematic wiring diagram of Honda Integra ignition system. Honda Integra has been produced from 1985-2007 by Honda and massively distributed in European and American market. Latest version of Integra-the fourth generation that is also called Acura RSX is powered by 2.0L K20A engine with optional 5-speed manual/automatic transmission or 6-speed manual transmission. This schematic wiring diagram of Honda Integra Ignition System consists of following parts and components: battery, under hood fuse/relay box, ignition switch, under dash fuse/relay box, ignition coil, cylinder position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, top dead center sensor, ECM-engine control module, and ignition w/PES that is built into ignition control module (ICM).

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