Schematic Diagram of 1997 Ford Thunderbird Starting System

This is the 10th generation of Ford Thunderbird that is well designed by American Manufacturer, Ford during 1989-1997. 1989 Ford Thunderbird is powered by 3.8 L Essex OHV V6 and able to produce 140hp on the standard version the SC (Super Coupe) version that is completed with supercharged and intercooled engine produces 210 horsepower. This car comes in two optional transmissions: the 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission. In1994-1997 ford upgrade the engine capacity up to 4.9L and 4.6 L SOHC V8 with new flow supercharger case to create optimal performance of the car. Here is the wiring diagram of 1997 Ford Thunderbird Starting System that consists of starter motor and solenoid, starter interrupt relay, anti-theft jumper, anti-theft controller module, battery, ground distribution system, power distribution box, ignition switch, and transmission range sensor.

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