S2000 DCI Wiring Diagram of the Installation System

This custom-designed S2000 dash control interface solution manufactured by Modifry Products allows you to use the factory dash switches to control your after-market head unit. It provides all the functions of the original factory controls (including mute) plus additional functions and features not available with the stock setup. Here we have S2000 DCI wiring diagram which is presented in colorized wiring diagram with complete parts identification and positioning information. This wiring diagram shows wiring for the DCI Module only and supported the cable color coding information with components connection description to provide reliable technical data and simple readability configuration. S2000 DCI wiring diagram is consisting of factory harness, stereo adapter, DCI module, 3.5mm stereo plug, infra red emitter, etc. It is also supported with further explanation on cable color information on separated box to avoid electrical configuration failure. It is important to notice that S2000 DCI wiring diagram is fixed any maintenance or reparation of this device should be based on this configuration.

see S2000 DCI Wiring Diagram here

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