Revosys X500 Wiring Diagram Car Computer System

Revosys X500 wiring diagram is consisting of comprehensive explanation on internal cable system that is connected to camera system and audio system inside the Revosys X500. Revocyc X500 wiring diagram is completed with color code explanation that helps the technician during maintenance process. Revosys X500 is double DIN computer for car application that is supported with Intel Atom 1.8 GHz with optional 5.1 channel RCA output. Revosys is also completed with global sat weatherproof SiRF StarIII GPS receiver. Revosys X500 wiring diagram provides signal direction with complete parts names with numbers description. It is also providing image description of internal cable for audio system and camera system of Revosys X500 car computer. Revosys X500 wiring diagram consists of camera reverse trigger, power supply, ACCinput, ACC output, inside GND out, 12 V car battery, fuse, front speaker, rear speaker, etc. It is important to notice that cables with BR marks are all for DIY, thus keep it in the right position to avoid short circuit if they are not used.

see Revosys X500 car computer system wiring diagram here

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