Regal Hot Oil Temperature Controller Circuit Diagram

This is Regal hot oil temperature controller that is well manufactured by Regal and designed with cast and welded components in the circulation system to minimize leakage. Regal uses a galvanized steel base on which the fluid circulating assembly and electrical cabinet is mounted and tubular steel frame is provided for units with 5 to 7.5 HP pumps. This hot oil temperature controller is completed with high volume centrifugal pump with air-cooled pump seal and high temperature air-cooled heat exchanger to provide process cooling which is spectacular. Here is regal hot oil temperature controller circuit diagram which consists of heater, heat exchanger, cooling adjustment valve, drain connection, drain manifold, throttle valve, relief valve, pump seal cooling jacket, vent tube, heater tank, fill port, pressure switch, cooling solenoid valve, etc.

see regal hot oil temperature controller circuit diagram here

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