QuietAir Wiring Diagram of Installation Process Guidance

Healthy interior air circulation is very important for human to provide comfortable and better life to whole family. Better air circulation with no bacterial contamination is able to bring healthy life which is demanded by everyone. QuietAir System is the answer of people question on healthy, reliable, worry free air circulation system performance. QuietAir system offers 2” supply duct system for tight space and 3” supply duct system for larger space. QuietAir system brings affordable solution for residential and commercial new remodeling or new construction. Here is an installation guidance of QuietAir system that can be very helpful to bring time efficiency during installation process. QuietAir wiring diagram describes complete cables color information and the connection on each component. It is also explains parts positioning on the internal electrical system of this device. QuietAir system wiring diagram is consisting of motor capacitor, terminal block-1, transformer, terminal block-2, fan relay, motors, fuse 3A, etc. QuietAir wiring diagram also describes additional note on motor speed information to avoid any electrical problem during its operation.

see QuietAir Wiring Diagram here

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