Quad Serial Controller Schematic of EB675001 Module

This is Quad Serial controller schematic diagram of EB675001 module, a multi source quad universal asynchronous receiver and transmitter. Quad serial controller schematic has the information of each component connection with color coding to create simple readability. The schematic creates a specific design from the general ideas outlined previously. The design was generated directly by creating data, address and control buses and connecting the UART to them. Quad serial controller schematic is consisting of DC 2.1mm socket, 3.3V lithium standby battery, TSSOP28, Exar ST16C554CQ64 64Pin TQFP, SimTec EB675001DIP, SOT23 small signal transistor, 3.3V power regulator TO220V, Omron switch, 3mm Kingbright LED, AMP RJ45 Ethernet with LEDs, etc. Quad serial controller schematic is dedicated to demonstrate what can be achieved with freely available software on single page with the flexibility of the EB675001DIP module.

see Quad serial controller schematic diagram here

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