Quad II Push-Pull Monophonic Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

This is Quad II push-pull monophonic power amplifier that was designed to create optimal audio system performance. The original Quad II was introduced in 1953 with innovative output stage design that emulated the triode performance with the size and efficiency characteristics of pentode operation. Quad II, was also integrated with output valves and input valves to produce 15 watts power output per channel. This monophonic power amplifier was equipped with 2x GEC KT-66 tetrodes power tubes and 2x mullard EF86 driver tubes. It was also completed with mullard GZ32 double diode rectification tube to provide excellent performance during its application. Here is Quad II mono power amplifier circuit diagram that consists of AC mains from control unit, V1-4 heaters, SX 1 pins, control unit socket, v1 EF 86, V2 EF 86, etc.

see Quad II mono power amplifier circuit diagram here

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