Quad EFIE Service Manual on Vehicle Installation

Quad digital EFIE is massively used in automotive application to provide optimal fuel efficiency on vehicles with v-8/v-6 engine since they have 3 or 4 oxygen sensors. This device has the ability to bring excellent performance and optimum fuel mileage on automotive application. Quad digital EFIE is highly recommended as replacement parts of the vehicle’s old sensor with simple installation. If you are still having trouble with Quad EFIE installation, here we present you a solution to prevent installation failure which may lead to system malfunction. Quad EFIE service manual described here is dedicated to provide excellent guidance during the device installation on automotive application. It has cable color coding information from the EFIE directed to all components on vehicle electronic fuel system. There is also information on components connection through wires which are powered by battery power source. Quad EFIE service manual is consisting of EFIE, existing signal wire, cable to oxygen sensors, sensor #1, sensor #2, battery, relay used to electrolyzer, chassis grounds, cable to computers, etc. It is important to notice that single EFIEs do not use the blue and brown wires since it controls only one sensor on vehicle.

see Quad EFIE Service Manual here

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