Quad 303 Acoustical Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit Diagram

This is Quad 303 acoustical stereo power amplifier that was the first power amplifier to use triplets in its output stage a clever and unique circuit design that makes ultra low distortion possible without destabilizing the transistors. This super emitter-follower power amplifier has very high-loop gain and a very high degree of negative feedback. Quad 303 is also able to ameliorate a problem which otherwise plagues transistor power-amplifiers, which of variation of bias current due to audio program. The advantage of this emitter-follower is that the voltage across the emitter transistors is derived from the voltage across R12 and the base voltage of Tr103. Here is the Quad 303 stereo power amplifier circuit diagram that consists of left hand amplifier, driver board, right hand to amplifier, power supply M12035, etc.
see Quad 303 stereo power amplifier circuit diagram here

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